Learning Page

Our app visually illustrates exactly what level of income you need (daily remaining budget).

Beginner Use

As a beginner using the app you only input your current expenses and income. That shows your daily budget. Live within your daily budget for a minimum of 2 months before you move onto the advanced use.


Advanced Use

After at least 2 months of hitting your daily budget. Use the income formula D + E =  I and solve for D. Meaning determine what dollars are required to hit your desired lifestyle. If you desire more than your current lifestyle you need to know exactly what that amount is.


Eg. to solve for D - 

I currently spend $4,500 every month.  ($150 per day) I desire to save, travel and pay off debts which will require $500 per day ($15,000 per month). Therefore I will calculate the difference 15,000 - 4,500 and determine that I must enter 10,500 as a monthly expense so the app can calculate the new goal daily budget. Until your daily budget turns positive you have not developed enough sources of income to hit your goal. If your desire is healthy enough to hit your goal. You will. If you realize your desire is not enough, adjust your goal.