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The millionaire mindset can be installed


An approach to money that is positive, simple, and rewarding enough that you are attracted to it


It needs to be truly effective


You need to care enough to be an active participant

Unless you are surrounded by entrepreneurs, makers, owners, and the 1% it is likely that whatever you think of as budgeting is incorrect. You have probably been taught or using a tool that more closely resembles categorization of your already spent money.


If your goal is financial peace, independence, strength, and ultimately wealth that buys you true freedom, the "Categorization Budgeting" tools make no sense! And they will put you right where the big banks and credit card companies want you. Worse yet, it's a fruitless and unnecessary form of stress and shame.


We have all heard that "one single decision can change the course of your life."

If you start using our app today, it will train you naturally to control your spending decisions and treat your earnings as an asset.

Daily Budget Tracker

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The Approach 

Using this app is a mental training process that methodically enforces a maker mindset. 


This powerful method of budgeting is incredibly effective, and with this app, it's unbelievably simple.

It's up to you

Enter your income and expenses as they occur and the app builds your dialy budget. 


Getting started

When you land on the homepage of the app, you might not know where to start.

  • Remember, all the app takes is for you to actively enter your income and expenses as they occur.

  • We want you to realize the power of daily budgeting right away, so we recommend you immediately enter your most recent paycheck.

  • All it takes is clicking the green "earned" button.  The app will allow you to choose a date from the past, so choose the actual payment date.

There you go, your daily budget!

What to expect.

Success will be found when the app is woven into your daily routine.

Just got paid - enter your income into the app, just went out for coffee - enter that expense into the app.

Your daily budget will become more and more accurate as you enter expenses, and you will make important decisions when you select the duration. For example, if you shop for groceries 1 time per week, it's important to choose weekly when you enter the grocery expense. This enables the app to calculate and reflect that amount accurately for the next 7 days. 

Daily Budget Tracker

7 Day free trial

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Other apps focus on integrations with your bank accounts and want you to share ALL your personal information.

Build Daily budget and expense tracker is different. 


Here is why!

The other tools merely report the terrible news after you have already overspent. With Build, you will live within your budget daily. Studies show that small daily expenses are what keeps you from getting OUT OF DEBT. Start building your savings daily.


Daily Budget Tracker

7 Day free trial