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Types of Budgeters 

The Debt-Eliminator

Whether they were in debt

or are in debt, Debt-Eliminators have a knack for paying you back ahead of schedule, having lower interest rates, and higher credit scores. Debt-eliminators have the least stress because they are buying back their freedom.

The Saver

No emergency fund is big enough for the Saver. They always feel the need to prepare for the unknown, and no expense is too important to not find a way to make it smaller. It is important to note, Savers never go hungry in the winter.

The Investor

The Investor has an eye for the future, even more so than the Saver. Every dollar today, could mean 5 cents of passive income for every month yet to come. Investors spend their money to make money in the future, which means they will likely retire before the Debt-Eliminator or Saver.

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