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We are seeking creative, giving, people with a passion for changing the world one person at a time. 

You will have to opportunity to work directly with our team and make your impact by providing app ideas, features, and thoughts that can make this a budgeting app built by its users, for its users.

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We have an idea that we know will revolutionize the way everyone budgets. 


Our mission is to provide a design and user experience without flaws, barriers, or frustrations. 

This can't be done without hearing from our users before launch. 

You have the opportunity to contribute and guide the initial design, features, and user experience. 

Our Mission


We can't state it any more definitively, we are not stopping until we help every single man, woman, and child learn how to get and stay out of debt. 

It may sound sensational, but we have analyzed dozens of budgeting apps looking for one that works and we didn't find one. 

Don't believe us? As we write this, the total US consumer debt is $13,860,000,000,000.00 Yes, that's 13.83 Trillion dollars! 

Other companies have not changed in years, don't listen to user feedback and don't measure their success based on their users success. To them they are just looking for a download.

To us, success is relationship driven rather than download driven

Achieving a debt free America - let computer science do the hard work

Despite amazing innovations in computer science capabilities, budgeting really has not changed in over a century.

What do we mean? The basic approach has been to painstakingly build a household budget with every possible category one can imagine. Spreading the family income across dozens of imaginary containers. 

The Experience

Beautiful human-centered 



“We seek to empower and educate people to develop successful financial behaviors such that they can permanently eliminate consumer debt, create solid reserves for their future goals, and eventually transfer their wealth and knowledge to the next generation.”

Freedom, responsibility, accountability, generational wealth, family, future, build capital, buying back time, for you, for family, 

Do you know what's missing for you to be able to achieve the above?

do you know what's missing for you to be able to achieve the above. 

the path to these things is a budget with goals and you need a tool that works

our team was looking for a simple, yet detailed explanation of our finances on a regular basis. 

we understand that none of the solutions really have the right features, our team was motivated because we have not found an adequate solution, the ones that are out there don't listen to user feedback, and they have not redesigned the budget, we are taking it to a new level entirely. 

we want to collaborate with our ideal users - you! 

This is truly a tool built for the people using it. 

- Made in America