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A budgeting solution that will please all of your senses


Bring the power of positivity to your finances with our continuously updated library of audio experiences


Your budgeting experience is nothing short of beautiful with our nature inspired design. 


Focus on your family and enjoying your free time with our simple, light-touch approach to data entry

Who is Build for?

The Debt-Eliminator

If you are in debt, our app is perfect for you. As a Debt-Eliminator you develop your natural knack for paying back ahead of schedule, getting lower interest rates, and building a higher credit score. As a Debt-eliminator you will have the least stress because you are buying back your freedom.

The Saver

If you feel like no emergency fund is big enough this app is for you. Feed that need to prepare for the unknown. You know no expense is too small to worry about. It all adds up! Savers never go hungry in the winter, and for that, we salute you. 

The Investor

As an investor you have an eye for the future. You know every dollar today, will compound in every month to come. As an investor you spend money to make money in the future. We see your early retirement goal on the horizon!

People love Build

"I was sceptical since I have wasted so much time on another budgeting tool, but this was the best thing I have ever done for my budget."

"I was looking for a basic budgeting app that was easy to use. This goes way beyond, it's great to use, and works!"

"AMAZING, from the minute I saw the daily budget I was hooked"

Reduce Your Stress

This is your time, your future, your legacy.

Enjoy the experience.

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Cash For Your New Car

Your Vacation Next Year

Your Retirement

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