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"A budgeting solution that will calm your nerves about finances"

How Does Budgeting With Build Work?

Step 1

Add Your Yearly Salary, Paycheck (with frequency), Or Additional Income Sources.

This is the foundation for your daily budget.

(Ex. $65,200 Yearly Salary = $178.14/day in Pre-Tax Income for a 366 day year)

Add Income.jpg

Step 2

Add your repeating weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses as well as any purchases that happened today.

Each of these expenses will be spread out over the chosen timeframe and applied to your daily budget. (Ex. $500 Monthly Rent = $16.67/Day)

Add Expenses.jpg
Add Goal.jpg

Step 3

Plan the location of every dollar spent in your daily budget by adding your savings goals, investment goals, or outstanding debt. 

(Ex. Using 40% of your daily budget ($72.55/day) towards a $10,000 House Down Payment will take 137 days to accomplish)

Home Build.jpg

Step 4

If an unexpected daily expense or purchase presents itself, know whether you have room in your daily budget at a moment's notice.

For more detailed insight into your daily budget click "See More" and proceed to Step 5!

Step 5

The story screen was created for the budgeter that enjoys seeing a detailed view of their daily spending. 

Know exactly how much of your daily budget is committed to various expense frequencies and financial goals in a simple summary view.

Updated Goals Screen.jpg

Step 6

Repeat as needed and succeed!

Build is free from integrations with Banks, Credit Cards, Investments, and other financial applications to help encourage further awareness of an individual or couple's financial situation. 

Engage with the app for a few minutes each day to add expenses that were incurred and confirm your goal commitments were achieved. Get ahead on your goals by putting money left in your daily budget towards your highest priority goal. 

The Freedom of a Simple Daily Budget


Presented as meaningful segments daily. This simplifies decision making and provides peace of mind. 


As done for generations, your decisions brought to life in a daily story. 


Focus on your family and enjoying your free time with our simple, approach to setting and tracking goals. 

Who is Build for?

The Debt-Eliminator

If you are in debt, our app is perfect for you. As a Debt-Eliminator you develop your natural knack for paying back ahead of schedule, getting lower interest rates, and building a higher credit score. As a Debt-eliminator you will have the least stress because you are buying back your freedom.

The Saver

If you feel like no emergency fund is big enough this app is for you. Feed that need to prepare for the unknown. You know no expense is too small to worry about. It all adds up! Savers never go hungry in the winter, and for that, we salute you. 

The Investor

As an investor you have an eye for the future. You know every dollar today, will compound in every month to come. As an investor you spend money to make money in the future. We see your early retirement goal on the horizon!

People love Build

"I was sceptical since I have wasted so much time on another budgeting tool, but this was the best thing I have ever done for my budget."

"I was looking for a basic budgeting app that was easy to use. This goes way beyond, it's great to use, and works!"

"AMAZING, from the minute I saw the daily budget I was hooked"

Reduce Your Stress


Achieve Your Goals

by tracking each one

Down Payment for Your New House

Cash For Your New Car

Your Vacation Next Year

Your Retirement

Budgeting has long been the BORING, time-consuming, and numbers-heavy answer to stress-free financial success.


We designed Build to be SIMPLE, require only minutes each day, and is centered on a DAILY SPENDING PLAN. Reduce stress and increase confidence while Build helps you avoid working for life, ELIMINATE DEBT quickly, and create wealth so you can achieve your goals SOONER, share with others MORE, and eventually,